Five Things Every Woman Should Know about Menopause

It’s best to be well informed about menopause, so it doesn’t sneak up on you. When it comes to life, there are certain inescapable truths; death, taxes, and if you’re a woman, menopause. When we are young girls and first get our period, we often sit down with our mothers and have ‘the talk’. ByContinue reading “Five Things Every Woman Should Know about Menopause”

How to Handle Menopause Anxiety

Menopause is a big change, which can lead to stress and anxiety. Menopause is called ‘the change’, because it brings about a laundry list of changes to the physical bodies of women, which can create all kinds of mental manifestations, such as anxiety and stress. The good news is that anxiety around menopause is aContinue reading “How to Handle Menopause Anxiety”