Five Things to Know About Plan B

Emergency contraceptives like Plan B are at the forefront of political discussion. With the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade, many people are stockpiling contraceptives and abortion alternatives, such as Plan B. Also known as the ‘morning after’ pill, works by chemically preventing a pregnancy, when taken within 72 hours of intercourse. The drug actsContinue reading “Five Things to Know About Plan B”

Working Surgeon Mom’s Organizational Tips

With four children and a stressful job, organizing cannot be emphasized enough. If it organizes, I use it! To start: Calendar! Try to share your calendar with your assistants, children’s care taker, and spouse. It is difficult to tell everyone a change of plans throughout the day and much easier to switch it on anContinue reading “Working Surgeon Mom’s Organizational Tips”

Stress Relief: The Reason I Have SIX Strollers

Every mother with a surplus of children can understand why I hoard strollers. One of the questions my husband and any other person who ventures into my garage asks is “DO YOU REALLY NEED SIX STROLLERS?”  Yeah, sure when preparing for my first child, I may have overstocked on baby products as WHO KNOWS whatContinue reading “Stress Relief: The Reason I Have SIX Strollers”