Five Foods to Help You Recover from a Sports Injury

The food you eat can help speed up recovery time. When you’re a lifelong athlete, it’s almost an expectation that at some point you will have to deal with an injury. Sports injuries are part of the package when you are constantly pushing your body to the limit and trying to maintain your physical fitness.Continue reading “Five Foods to Help You Recover from a Sports Injury”

Four Reasons to Drink More Coconut Water

Coconut water is basically a miracle drink. As an athlete, I can’t possibly stress to you how important it is to stay hydrated. There are many ways to go about this, from sports drinks to hydrating foods, but my all-time favorite tool for hydration is coconut water. Coconut water really became popular in the pastContinue reading “Four Reasons to Drink More Coconut Water”

Five All-Natural Treatments for Sunburn

Sunburn is an unfortunate side effect of summer. In case you couldn’t tell by the pizza oven-like temperatures across America, it’s summer. I’ll be the first to say that this summer was a weird one. After spending last summer locked up in our homes, we were all ready to get outdoors, hit the beach, andContinue reading “Five All-Natural Treatments for Sunburn”

Five Herbal Teas to Help Reduce Stress

Herbal teas are a natural way to help reduce stress. In this day and age, we lead very stressful lives. Not only do we have to deal with the difficulties of running households, careers, families, and social lives, but a pandemic on top of it all. Our lives are basically engineered to be stressful, soContinue reading “Five Herbal Teas to Help Reduce Stress”

6 Ways to Fight Seasonal Allergies

Beware people, the pollening is coming. For people who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring can be a rough time. This year the issue of allergies is even more complicated because of Covid-19, since allergy symptoms can be similar to those of a common cold, and coughing in public has become a truly horrifying experience. SeasonalContinue reading “6 Ways to Fight Seasonal Allergies”

How to Boost Your Metabolism This Winter

There has never been a better time to boost your metabolism. Winter is here. A pandemic is in full swing. Those two things create the perfect storm for a sedentary lifestyle. The weather keeps us from going outside, and the pandemic gives us the perfect excuse to let ourselves go. Before we know it, springContinue reading “How to Boost Your Metabolism This Winter”

Having Trouble Sleeping? Five All Natural Sleeping Aids

One side effect of the Covid-19 lock-down is sleeping issues. Call me Dr. Obvious, but sleeping is important. Creating and maintaining a regular sleeping schedule is one of the most important things you can do for your overall health. When you don’t get enough sleep, every area of your life suffers, from cognitive functions, toContinue reading “Having Trouble Sleeping? Five All Natural Sleeping Aids”

Natural Ways to Combat Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot can be treated with natural remedies. As an athlete, I can tell you that Athlete’s foot comes with the territory. If it isn’t your own stinky feet, I guarantee you will come across someone else in the locker room who suffers from this foot fungus. It is embarrassing, but it is also veryContinue reading “Natural Ways to Combat Athlete’s Foot”

How to Defeat Seasonal Allergies Naturally

Allergy season is upon us. Defend yourself. It’s the end of February. The ‘Pollening’ is coming. We all know what I’m referring to, right? In March all the trees shed their skeletal winter bodies, and turn into beautiful flowery goliaths. They are gorgeous to look at, but wreak havoc on our bodies. These trees releaseContinue reading “How to Defeat Seasonal Allergies Naturally”

Five Natural Skincare Remedies in Your Kitchen Right Now

Your ticket to flawless skin is likely sitting in your kitchen. We all want healthy, glowing skin. However, the effects of aging, stresses of everyday life, and poor dietary habits can often get in the way, and keep us from having the skin of our dreams. No matter what age you are, acne is alwaysContinue reading “Five Natural Skincare Remedies in Your Kitchen Right Now”