Back to School Organization: Tips and Tricks

As every parent knows, the back-to-school days are half stress, half relief. While is seems simple to just press play and put them on the bus, there is obviously a lot more to it (especially for a mother of 4)—50 forms, school supplies, extra clothes, volunteering obligations, committees, packing lunches everyday, school lunch menus, waterContinue reading “Back to School Organization: Tips and Tricks”

Five Secrets to Multi-Tasking

Tips and tricks on how to accomplish more with multi-tasking. They often say that multi-tasking actually isn’t possible, because you can only really pay attention to one thing at any given time. I am here to tell you as a working mom, that multi-tasking is not only possible, but necessary. While I believe it isContinue reading “Five Secrets to Multi-Tasking”

Working Surgeon Mom’s Organizational Tips

With four children and a stressful job, organizing cannot be emphasized enough. If it organizes, I use it! To start: Calendar! Try to share your calendar with your assistants, children’s care taker, and spouse. It is difficult to tell everyone a change of plans throughout the day and much easier to switch it on anContinue reading “Working Surgeon Mom’s Organizational Tips”

Flying with Kids: The Only Backpack You Need

How to pack for a plane ride with children. As anyone with children knows, flying with children can be a taxing endeavor. The savvy mom has experience with this, and knows how to organize everything to suit any eventuality. My favorite accessory for flying with my kids is the Debeer Gear Backpack, an invaluable giftContinue reading “Flying with Kids: The Only Backpack You Need”