How to Create the Perfect Staycation

Weekend staycations are an essential for every busy family. As a working mom, I talk a lot about relaxation, mostly because finding time to relax is the most important thing you can do to keep your work-life-family balance running smoothly. Vacations are obviously the easiest way to relax, but we can’t all up and leaveContinue reading “How to Create the Perfect Staycation”

How to De-Stress at work

Sometimes, it’s important to de-stress while on the job. After operating at 11 pm on a Saturday, I was thinking about the ways I try to de-stress when I am “on-call”, or taking care of orthopaedic emergencies during non-business hours. In our field, as in many others, it helps to walk into the operating roomContinue reading “How to De-Stress at work”