How to Choose the Right Running Shoe

Not all running shoes are created equal. Have you ever gone into a Footlocker and wondered why there are so many options? One would think that a shoe is a shoe, so outside of stylistic preferences, there wouldn’t seem to be a real reason to have so many available options. In reality, there is aContinue reading “How to Choose the Right Running Shoe”

Five Mental Health Benefits of Running

Exercise is heavily tethered to mental health. Have you ever noticed that when you stick to a regular exercise regimen, your mental health improves? Taking care of the body and the mind go hand in hand. Your overall health is comprised of both physical and mental health, and you need both to be truly healthy.Continue reading “Five Mental Health Benefits of Running”

Healthy Hobbies: Cycling Versus Running

Everyone should adopt a healthy hobby. I don’t care who you are, it is important to make time for hobbies. I always say you should have one hobby that inspires you, and one that keeps you healthy and fit. A friend of mine recently starting taking up cycling, and was amazed by how he wasContinue reading “Healthy Hobbies: Cycling Versus Running”

How to Increase Your Jogging Stamina

If you’re looking to build stamina, jogging is a great way to go. It doesn’t really matter if you just work out once in a while, or if you are a seasoned athlete, stamina is important. In laymen’s terms, stamina is what keeps you in the gym, focused on your workout, even after you haveContinue reading “How to Increase Your Jogging Stamina”

How to Prep and Get in Shape for Marathon Season

Marathon season is approaching. Are you ready? There are a lot of reasons to run a marathon, from challenging yourself with fitness goals, to testing the limits of your body, doing it for a good cause, and even doing it to prove a point. I have been getting really into marathons lately, and my favoriteContinue reading “How to Prep and Get in Shape for Marathon Season”

Can Your Friends Affect How Much You Run?

Competitiveness between friends can create more fitness success in your life. I don’t know about you, but I tend to be a solo runner. Since my schedule is so hectic with the kids and job, I often find it hard to work in my runs, and thus hard to schedule those runs with other people.Continue reading “Can Your Friends Affect How Much You Run?”

What Causes Chest Pain While Running?

If you experience chest pain while running, don’t necessarily panic. Anyone who has ever run a significant distance knows that sometimes it comes with a little chest pain as an added bonus. As if getting out of bed isn’t hard enough, feeling chest pain while exercises automatically triggers all kinds of worries and could haveContinue reading “What Causes Chest Pain While Running?”

Getting an Athlete Through an Injury—Top Five Tips

Most athletes will suffer an injury at some point in their sports career, but all obstacles can be overcome. We have all known someone going through a tough injury and trying to get back to their sport—could have been you, your favorite professional athlete, your daughter or son or your teammate. It is not easy.Continue reading “Getting an Athlete Through an Injury—Top Five Tips”

How to Find the Right Running Shoe

Finding the right running shoe is vital to a good running experience. As fall approaches, the experience of getting outside and going for a run in the beautiful weather with great tunes playing in the background can take your breath away (literally). However, it is important to be prepared with appropriate running shoes. I usuallyContinue reading “How to Find the Right Running Shoe”

The Science Behind Running and Euphoria

There is a scientific reason behind euphoric feelings while running. Got that LOVE/HATE relationship with running? As an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, I feel like it is my duty to get people back to the sports they love.  Yes, sure, there is the physical component to running—staying fit, training for high-level sports, qualifyingContinue reading “The Science Behind Running and Euphoria”