6 Ways to Fight Seasonal Allergies

Beware people, the pollening is coming. For people who suffer from seasonal allergies, spring can be a rough time. This year the issue of allergies is even more complicated because of Covid-19, since allergy symptoms can be similar to those of a common cold, and coughing in public has become a truly horrifying experience. SeasonalContinue reading “6 Ways to Fight Seasonal Allergies”

3 Ways to Sooth Your Spring Allergies Without Medicine

Tips and tricks on how to defeat the pollen this season. Even though I am a doctor, I understand that there are all kind of remedies out there that don’t involve medicine. If you find something homeopathic or natural that works for you, then why go through the hubbub of going to a doctor andContinue reading “3 Ways to Sooth Your Spring Allergies Without Medicine”