Is Chronic Stress Negatively Impacting Your Health?

Chronic stress can affect your overall physical health if left untreated. Stress is not always a bad thing. In certain circumstances, stress can help you be more productive and meet important deadlines. In small amounts, stress can actually be a helpful tool to keep you on track, or motivate you to achieve something. Stress becomesContinue reading “Is Chronic Stress Negatively Impacting Your Health?”

Five Herbal Teas to Help Reduce Stress

Herbal teas are a natural way to help reduce stress. In this day and age, we lead very stressful lives. Not only do we have to deal with the difficulties of running households, careers, families, and social lives, but a pandemic on top of it all. Our lives are basically engineered to be stressful, soContinue reading “Five Herbal Teas to Help Reduce Stress”

Understanding Stress: Acute Versus Chronic

All stressors are not created equal. Hands down, stress is one of the worst things for your overall health. When you are feeling anxious it creates small health effects, such as raised blood pressure and feelings of depression. When you compound those side effects over time, they can lead to more serious problems like cardiovascularContinue reading “Understanding Stress: Acute Versus Chronic”

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Burning Out

Burnout is a huge problem in our modern society. In our daily lives, burnout is a constant and real threat. In terms of fitness and working out, burnout happens when you work out too hard, for too long, without taking any breaks for recovery. Burnout can happen in any area of our life, however. InContinue reading “Tips and Tricks to Avoid Burning Out”

How to Fight Unhealthy Food Cravings

Food cravings affect everyone, but there are plenty of ways to fight them. Food cravings happen to the best of us, especially those of us who identify as female. Not only do we have to deal with food cravings once a month, but also when we are pregnant, stressed, pregnant and stressed, or dealing withContinue reading “How to Fight Unhealthy Food Cravings”

How to Tell if You Suffer From Chronic Stress

Chronic stress can cause serious complications to your health. When it comes to your health, stress is a really important thing to be cognizant of. Stress, especially chronic stress can be linked to heart disease, stroke, and even some kinds of cancer. Overall, stress is rough on your immune system, so if you aren’t takingContinue reading “How to Tell if You Suffer From Chronic Stress”

How to Conquer Panic Attacks

Tips and tricks on how to overcome panic attacks. Anyone who has ever had a panic attack will tell you, they are no joke. They come on out of nowhere, and can include symptoms like shaking, chills, nausea, dizziness, choking feelings, tightness in your throat, and the inability to breath or hyperventilation. Many people whoContinue reading “How to Conquer Panic Attacks”

Five Easy Ways to Relieve Inauguration Stress

For many people, the 2017 inauguration is a source of great stress. While stress in our lives can have some positive effects, such as spurring us into action to accomplish things we may have been putting off, most of the effects of stress are negative. This country has been very divided in the past yearContinue reading “Five Easy Ways to Relieve Inauguration Stress”