Mood Boosting Foods to Try Over the Holidays

The holidays can be tough on both your waistline, and your mental health. Even though the holidays are supposed to be a happy time, it can be a very difficult time, as well. For people who don’t have great relationships with family, it can be tough. For people who have lost family members, it canContinue reading “Mood Boosting Foods to Try Over the Holidays”

How to Fight a Slowing Metabolism

Our metabolisms slow down as we age, but luckily there is something we can do about it. It starts to happen when you turn 30. Your metabolism begins to slow a little, so both maintaining and losing weight gets just a little harder. When you turn 40, the symptoms accelerate, and you may even startContinue reading “How to Fight a Slowing Metabolism”

How to Fight Middle-Age Weight Gain

Middle age often brings with it weight gains that are hard to control. It starts to happen to us all around the time we turn thirty. We notice small changes in our bodies, specifically around our metabolism and how easy or quickly we lose fat. Then by middle age, the process accelerates and we startContinue reading “How to Fight Middle-Age Weight Gain”