PODCAST: The Ins and Outs of Early Sports Specialization on Now We’re Talking Darien

Early sports specialization isn’t always a good thing for young athletes. As a life-long athlete, I was able to get involved with lacrosse at an early age. Lacrosse has always been one of my biggest passions, and I am very lucky to have found a sport that I love so much, and have never burnedContinue reading “PODCAST: The Ins and Outs of Early Sports Specialization on Now We’re Talking Darien”

Six Surprising Facts About Youth Sports

Regardless of how many of your kids are involved in youth sports, there is always something you can learn. I have four kids now, so their involvement in youth sports is pretty much a given. I am not saying I would ever force any of my kids to take part in sports if they don’tContinue reading “Six Surprising Facts About Youth Sports”

Some Thoughts on Youth and Sports Via Refinery 29

I was recently quoted in a great article on youth sports, on Refinery 29. I talk a lot about youth sports on this blog, but mostly because I fully recognize the effect youth sports has had on my own life, and in the lives of the people around me. Refinery 29 recently wrote an articleContinue reading “Some Thoughts on Youth and Sports Via Refinery 29”

Six Psychological Benefits of Children’s Sports

Enrolling your kids in sports can have a positive effect on their lives. As a lifelong athlete, I have never questioned the benefits of sports for children. That being said, I wouldn’t force my kids to stick with any sports that they didn’t like, but I will always encourage them to try new things, especiallyContinue reading “Six Psychological Benefits of Children’s Sports”

Kids Sports: Rules For Eating and Drinking During the Game

Nutrition is super-important for all athletes, especially young ones. During a lull in a youth soccer game recently, I caught myself paying attention to what the benched kids do during their time off the field. Of course there was a healthy amount of horseplay, but what I really paid attention to was how much theContinue reading “Kids Sports: Rules For Eating and Drinking During the Game”

Publix Supports Youth Soccer

The ‘Subs for Kicks’ program is Publix’s way of supporting youth sports. Youth sports are a very important part of development for many youngsters out there, as studies have proven that being involved in sports creates more well-rounded young adults, supports healthy self-esteem, and instills a sense of team-building and proper socialization in our children.Continue reading “Publix Supports Youth Soccer”

Three Great Soccer Cleats for Your Kids

How to choose the best soccer cleats for your child. Calling all soccer moms! As well all know, the world of youth sports can be pretty competitive. When it comes to outfitting our children for their favorite sports, we also want to make sure we are making the smartest decisions, not only to ensure theyContinue reading “Three Great Soccer Cleats for Your Kids”

How to Create Well-Rounded Young Athletes

We all want to create well-rounded athletic children, and can do that by avoiding early sports specialization. As a parent, orthopaedic surgeon, coach, team physician and fitness advisor, I keep up-to-date with the latest on youth sports. After all, it is my job! There is a lot of chatter these days, backed by research onContinue reading “How to Create Well-Rounded Young Athletes”