Publix Supports Youth Soccer

subs for kicks

The ‘Subs for Kicks’ program is Publix’s way of supporting youth sports.

subs for kicks

Youth sports are a very important part of development for many youngsters out there, as studies have proven that being involved in sports creates more well-rounded young adults, supports healthy self-esteem, and instills a sense of team-building and proper socialization in our children.

Soccer is one of the most popular youth sports, because it can be played no matter how young your child is, so Publix decided to do their part in supporting our kids with the ‘Subs for Kicks’ program.

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In the month of September, for every sub or wrap purchased with easy ordering online, Publix will donate $0.50 to the youth soccer association in the state of purchase.

You may not know this, but Publix subs are absolutely delicious, so it’s actually a bonus that you can support youth soccer and snag a tasty lunch in one fell swoop. The promotion only lasts until the end of September though, so if you want to give Publix subs a try and support youth sports, act now!

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