The Best Fall Sports for Kids

fall youth sports

A change of seasons always means a change of sports.

fall youth sports

At this point, its pretty safe to say that summer is over. While we may have a month or two of warm weather left in us, soon enough the leaves will change, pumpkin spice will once more take over the world, and our kids will be taking part in new sports for the fall.

If your child is interested in playing sports, or you are interested in freeing up some afternoon/evening time for yourself, there is no better time to introduce your kid into the world of sports. I am a huge proponent of youth sports because it teaches our children problem solving, camaraderie, teamwork, and how to lose gracefully. Its also kind of fun to sit on the sidelines drinking wine out of a thermos with the other moms.

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Its important to remember that not all kids like the same sports, and so you have to make sure you choose something with your child that will utilize their individual skillsets and abilities. Here are a few options to chew over:

Flag Football- Flag football is gaining popularity for kids around the country because it takes the danger element out of the sport and makes it easier to learn the rules. The camaraderie and teamwork your child can learn from this ‘light contact’ sport can be beneficial throughout his or her life.

Field Hockey- While field hockey may sound dangerous, if you make sure your child had properly fitted shin and mouth guards it can be a lot of fun. Working with a hockey stick is great for coordination, and coordinating with other teammates can help your child form lasting relationships and learn how to play well with others.

Cross Country- If you want your child to develop stamina, cross country is a great sport to try out. Running cross country not only helps with endurance, but can also teach your child valuable lessons about staying fit, since it requires regular practice, and keeping your mind on a singular goal.

Soccer- Soccer is great for kids because of the teamwork aspect, and the coordination it takes to dribble a ball across a field using only your feet. It also take s a lot of energy to run back and forth, so its great for kids that have a lot of energy to expend.

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