Five Things About Sports Bras You Must Know

sports bras

Taking care of our bodies also means paying attention to these sports bras dos and don’ts.

sports bras

As a college athlete, I know a thing or two about sports bras. Chances are, if you are into fitness, you know a thing or two about sports bras as well. While the sports bra is nothing new, I think there are a lot of misconceptions out there about which one to buy, how many you need, and how to get a great fit. Hopefully, these five tips about sports bras will help keep you and your breasts up, moving, and comfortable.

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Sports bras should never be kept for more than one year. After about a year, they lose some elasticity and won’t give you the support you need.

Every woman should have three sports bras. There should always be one in the drawer, one in the laundry, and one on your body or in your bag.

Different sports bras work for different activities, so lower impact sports like yoga and pilates may not require as much support as jogging or lacrosse. Consider the amount of movement and support you need when you consider which bra to put on.

In order to get a proper fit, you should easily be able to put two fingers under the band in both the front and back of the bra. The straps shouldn’t cut into your skin, and nothing should be spilling out. If in doubt, always do a jump test!

Always try sports bras on, even if you know your size. Sports bra sizes tend to be a little different than regular bras, so trying them on in the store will eliminate the guess work and ensure your breasts stay where they belong.

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