Best Antifungal Soaps for Sports

When it comes to the needs of athletes, not all soaps are created equal.

Anyone who has ever been really into playing competitive sports can tell you, athletes have a different set of needs than your average person. Athletes have different diets, require different clothes, maintain different schedules, and have different needs in terms of health, specifically skincare.

One of the things many athletes have to deal with is fungus. This is because we sweat a lot more than your average person, and sometimes that sweat gets trapped, leading to bacterial growth and fungus.

Anti-fungal soaps are one way to deal with fungus. Most commercial soaps are chock full of chemicals that can irritate the skin and even exacerbate the problem. Anti-fungal soaps are typically made with essential oils and better ingredients.

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So if you are getting back into the athletic swing of things, and are concerned about fungus, here are a few antifungal soaps to try!

Tea Tree body bar

Ethique Eco-Friendly Bodywash Bar

Viking Revolution Antifungal body wash

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