Should Your Teenager Have a High School Job?

How important is a high school job? There has always been an ongoing debate on whether high school kids should be working. On one side, many parents think that children should focus on their studies in high school in order to excel. On the other hand, it can be debated that high school jobs teachContinue reading “Should Your Teenager Have a High School Job?”

How to Avoid Playground Injuries

Every parent experiences playground injuries; Bumps and bruises that occur while romping around on the jungle gym. Back to school festivities are underway and our children are thrilled to be back with their friends both in class and on the playground. They are sharing their summer stories, laughing together and running around at recess. Ahhh,Continue reading “How to Avoid Playground Injuries”

Five Tips For Breast Pumping

Helpful tips for pumping milk (not iron). After Donald Trump allegedly said breast pumping was “disgusting” to a working mom attorney, I would like to bring “pumping” public and CONGRATULATE those of you who pump for your baby. I would also like to congratulate the woman in the photo above, because she looks like sheContinue reading “Five Tips For Breast Pumping”

Your First Time Meditating: What NOT to Do

How to work meditation into your daily routine. I am surrounded by people who meditate; my brother, my friends, and patients all rave about how it brings them zen. Since I am a mom on the go, my goal for meditation was to bring a sense of peace to my home of four children. IContinue reading “Your First Time Meditating: What NOT to Do”

Stress Relief: The Reason I Have SIX Strollers

Every mother with a surplus of children can understand why I hoard strollers. One of the questions my husband and any other person who ventures into my garage asks is “DO YOU REALLY NEED SIX STROLLERS?”  Yeah, sure when preparing for my first child, I may have overstocked on baby products as WHO KNOWS whatContinue reading “Stress Relief: The Reason I Have SIX Strollers”