How to Stay Slim on Vacation

healthy eating on vacation

Tips and tricks on staying healthy while on vacation.

healthy eating on vacation

I recently did a post about avoiding digestive issues while on vacation, but another big issue people face while traveling is staying healthy, and specifically, thin. I am the first person to say that while on vacation you should treat yourself, but if you are the type of person who wants to stay mindful of what you eat, it can be challenging during travel because your regular routine is disrupted. If you follow these simple rules however, it should make it a little easier to stay healthy, even as you indulge in new places, new food, and new experiences.

Modify your morning meal to get you in the proper mindset. If you control your first meal of the day, even if it’s something small like yogurt and fruit, it will curb your appetite for other big meals and get you in the right headspace for healthy choices.

Eat throughout the day. Bring snacks with you for long excursions, because if you eat small amounts throughout the day you are less likely to gorge yourself on big meals later on.

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Buy groceries when possible, and cook when you can. This will not only make you feel like you are having an authentic experience, but it will edit what you put in your mouth.

Take the road less traveled. When you’re on vacation, the point is to experience new things, but you can also work this into your fitness routine. Plan activities that you wouldn’t normally do, such as paddleboarding, or walking on the beach, or taking random morning jogs using step-tracking apps. Doing this will give you a little extra exercise to take the edge off, and help you experience a new place at the same time.

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