How to Fight Middle-Age Weight Gain

weight gain

Middle age often brings with it weight gains that are hard to control.

weight gain

It starts to happen to us all around the time we turn thirty. We notice small changes in our bodies, specifically around our metabolism and how easy or quickly we lose fat. Then by middle age, the process accelerates and we start to store more fat around our midsections, which can be a problem because the fat cells accumulate around vital organs, making it more prone to contribute to heart disease and other illnesses.

This weight gain typically really starts around the age of 40 in women, and is characterized by an expansion in waist size. This gain is caused by a number of factors, not limited to hormonal changes, stress, muscle loss, changes in metabolism, and a more sedentary lifestyle. But you don’t have to worry too much, because there are ways to avoid it!

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Cardio is obviously the most important one. I know that as we age it becomes harder and harder to get yourself on a treadmill, but swimming, biking, and speed walking are a few cardio methods that are a little easier to stomache.

Weight lifting is a great way to keep your metabolism going, and also prevent muscle loss.

Stress relief is important to weight loss, so you should commit to find some stress relief methods that actually work for you, by the time you turn 40.

Sleep actually has a lot to do with weight loss, so its important to know how much sleep you need every night, and stick to it, every night.

Eat more fiber. Aside from getting rid of any processed foods in your diet, fiber will help you actually avoid weight gain, and also be great for your blood pressure.

When it comes to weight gain, there is no perfect method because its different for everyone, but these general guidelines, if followed, can help you combat the weight gain that typically comes with middle age.

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