Can Taking Vacations Improve Your Health?

vacations and health

There is scientific evidence that vacations are good for you.

vacations and health

If you have ever needed an excuse to take some sick days or some personal time, please rejoice in the news I am about to impart to you: Vacations can actually benefit your health.

It’s a new year, so many of us probably feel like we have just returned from vacation, although I would argue that many of us also feel like we have returned from a very stressful ordeal, and could use a vacation from our vacation. Many of us probably feel guilty about taking another few days off, and I am sure you know someone (if you aren’t this person, yourself) who finish out the year with unused vacation days in the bank. I am here to tell you to use them, because doing otherwise can negatively impact your health. There is a scientific link between taking time off and your overall health, because vacations relieve stress, and stress is one of the most impactful things in terms of healthy living. Here are a few separate reasons:

Vacations can actually make you smarter and more productive. The chronic stress that comes from never taking time for yourself can make you scatterbrained, create problems with goal fulfillment, and even cause issues with memory and retention, as well as general productivity. Giving your brain a break once in a while allows it to function properly when needed, and having the time to catch up on good books never hurts your vocabulary, either.

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Vacations can make you thinner. I know this is probably counter-intuitive, but a lot of people who suffer from weight problems stress eat. Taking time off resets your mental processes and allows you to face problems with a clear mind, and eat a lot less. Also, some vacations require you to wear a bikini, which can be a good fitness goal, and vacation sex burns more calories than regular sex, based on the fact that you have more time and actual opportunities to do it with no distractions!

Regular vacations can help prevent heart problems. Stress is a huge contributor to heart disease, including high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. Chronic stress can cause all of these issues, as well as anxiety and depression. Regular vacations help to keep your stress levels at bay, and your heart healthy. Vacations can also help you get more sleep, which in turn reduces stress levels in a significant way.

So taking all your vacation days can make you smarter, thinner, and may even one day save your life. Need I go on?

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