Winter Workouts That Burn a Ton of Calories

How to keep fit during the holiday months.

winter workouts

Thanksgiving is over. Christmas looms on the horizon. Our summer bodies are all but gone, as we trudge up the slow climb between holidays, and fight the onset of seasonal depression.

I’m sorry, I know that sounded negative, but its true that the winter months can be tough on our self esteem. We aren’t getting as much sunlight or spending as much time outdoors. The holidays keep throwing delicious food in our faces, and our winter jackets make it super easy to hide from the world.

I am all for being more relaxed with our workouts during the winter. After all, periods of rest are important to any fitness routine. However, not working out at all is a slippery slope. One minute you skip the gym for a week, the next, you find yourself staring into the bottom of a gallon of ice cream ruminating on your long lost bikini bod.

If you are going to take a break from fitness for the winter, my suggestion is that you don’t break entirely. At LEAST once a week, make an effort to do something physical.

Winter definitely makes it harder to work out, but if your self esteem is suffering, you should definitely do something about it. These winter workouts burn a ton of calories, so they are pretty perfect for that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, to keep your body in check between binges.

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Snowshoeing– Snowshoeing is great for your thighs, legs, and hip flexors. Depending on how fast you go, you can burn between 300-800 calories per hour. Besides, its technically just walking. Most of us learned to do that when we were toddlers.

Ice Skating– Ice skating is great for your glutes, core, and obliques. You can also go to an indoor rink, if you are worried about falling through the ice. Ice skating burns between 800-1,200 calories per hour.

Skiing– If strong legs are what you’re looking for, look no further than your nearest ski slope. Skiing burns between 450-670 calories per hour.

Snow Yoga– I know doing yoga in cold weather probably sounds terrible, but did you know you can burn between 226-335 calories per hour, just from doing yoga and shivering? If you are the kind of person who finds the cold even remotely refreshing, snowga might be for you.

Running– I know your inclination might be to stay indoors and run on a treadmill, but if you wear the right gear, running outside during winter can actually be really nice, and burn between 566-839 calories every hour. Just make sure you wear shoes with plenty of traction, and thermal leggings.

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