Five Reasons You Should Do a Digital Detox

Digital detoxes are the newest way to get healthier. Whether or not you have ever tried a detox or cleanse, you probably know what they are. Detoxes and cleanses are designed to clean out our bodies, get rid of toxins, and reset our systems, sort of like a hard reset for your phone. What aboutContinue reading “Five Reasons You Should Do a Digital Detox”

Five Ways to Combat News-Related Anxiety

In this day and age, the news can be a huge stressor in our lives. We are living in a very interesting time in history. A lot of things have changed very rapidly, and every day it seems we are bombarded with depressing and anxiety-fueling information, courtesy of the news. Bad things happening is nothingContinue reading “Five Ways to Combat News-Related Anxiety”

Could Technology Addiction be Affecting Your Sleep?

If you have problems sleeping, your phone may be to blame. As a mother of four, there are probably about a million things in my life that I could blame for the reason I have trouble sleeping some times. According to data, Americans collectively check their mobile devices up to 8 billion times every day.Continue reading “Could Technology Addiction be Affecting Your Sleep?”