Five Foods with More Vitamin C Than Oranges

vitamin c

Everyone knows that oranges contain vitamin C, but there are plenty of other ways to up your intake of this important substance.

vitamin c

Vitamin C is probably the most popular of vitamins, as we are all reminded every time we see a commercial for Florida orange juice, regardless of where we may live. Whenever we notice the symptoms of a cold, we collectively go buy Emergen-C, to try and blast away the cold cells before they take hold, and it has been well-known as the cure for scurvy, in case that is relevant to anyone in this day and age. Research shows that vitamin C doesn’t actually prevent the common cold, but it can help reduce the length of the sickness and help with symptoms to boot.

Even though they are widely accepted being packed with Vitamin C, a medium orange actually only has around 69.7 mg of the vitamin, which is less than many other common fruits and vegetables. These five superfoods have more Vitamin C than a normal orange, so if you feel a cold coming on, you should load up on them and add some healthy variety to your diet.

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Red bell peppers contain three times more vitamin C than an orange at 190 mg. They also contain vitamin A to help with your eyesight.

Kale has twice the amount of vitamin A you need for the day, seven times the amount of recommended vitamin K, and 80.4 mg of vitamin C per one-cup serving.

Even though many people dislike Broccoli, it has 132 mg of vitamin C and is chock-full of fiber with 30 calories per serving.

Papaya, despite being delicious offers up 88.3 mg of vitamin C per one-cup serving.

Chili peppers contain 107.8 mg of vitamin C per half-cup, as well as the compound capsaicin, which can help relieve joint and muscle pain.

So the moral of the story is, don’t stress too much if your kids aren’t eating an orange every day during cold and flu season, there are plenty of ways to insure they get all the vitamin C they need.

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