Five Things That Happen to Your Body When You Stop Drinking

Are you thinking about trying out ‘Sober October’?

There are all kinds of monthly fads out there, like ‘no-shave november’, ‘dry January’, ‘Roevember’ (more of a very important movement than a fad), and sober October. I’m not normally one to recommend fads because I believe more in creating lifelong habits. But that being said, Roevember and Sober October are two monthly fads you should seriously consider.

I know it is legal, and I know that most people prefer to go through life with a drink in hand. I’m not criticizing that per se, but as a doctor I do feel it is pertinent to mention that alcohol is literally poison. We drink alcohol to destress, or escape our problems, or socially lubricate ourselves to cover our insecurities. However when we sober up, our stress returns, our problems are still there (and sometimes worse due to drunken texting), and our insecurities remain. Alcohol is at best a temporary coping mechanism for life’s struggles. Imbibe if you wish, but know that it isn’t a permanent solve for anything.

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That being said, there are plenty of health benefits to going sober. So if you are thinking of trying out ‘sober October’ and potentially making a life change, here are five things that happen to your body when you lay off the sauce.

Healthier heart and cardiovascular system- Alcohol increases your blood pressure and heart rate, which can eventually lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

Decreased risk of cancer- Alcohol increases the risk of head, neck, esophageal, and rectal cancers.

Mood, anxiety, depression, and stress levels improve- Even though alcohol seems to take away mental health symptoms, it also causes them. Cutting alcohol will improve your mood, and decrease your anxiety, depression, and stress levels.

Better sleep patterns- Passing out drunk might help you sleep, but the actual quality of your sleep, and the way you feel when you wake up aren’t healthy. Living a sober life will help re-align your circadian rhythms. 

Weight Loss- I know you may not feel hungry when you’re drunk, but you are also more likely to binge-eat. Alcohol also contains a ton of sugar, which won’t help with your weight loss journey. Weight-loss is one of the more attractive reasons to quit drinking, so if that is the push you need, so be it!

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