The Pros and Cons of Going to an All-Female Gym

There are pros and cons to women-only workout facilities. For most people, the idea of working out at all is a daunting thought. It takes time, dedication, bravery, and willpower. Actually going to a fitness center to exercise also comes with a slew of psychological components like fear of looking stupid, concern about being judged,Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Going to an All-Female Gym”

How to Tell if You Suffer From Chronic Stress

Chronic stress can cause serious complications to your health. When it comes to your health, stress is a really important thing to be cognizant of. Stress, especially chronic stress can be linked to heart disease, stroke, and even some kinds of cancer. Overall, stress is rough on your immune system, so if you aren’t takingContinue reading “How to Tell if You Suffer From Chronic Stress”

How Much Vitamin C Do You Really Need?

We all know that Vitamin C is very important, but just how much do you need? I’m sure we were all told from a very young age, that if we didn’t get enough Vitamin C, we would get scurvy. Well, we aren’t pirates, but that advice seems to have worked because pretty much everyone knowsContinue reading “How Much Vitamin C Do You Really Need?”

Are You Eating Too Much Sodium?

If you are having trouble maintaining your weight, sodium may be to blame. I don’t know about you, but I feel like the typical American has no idea just how much sodium they are really consuming. Sodium is something we are used to seeing in almost everything we eat, so it’s often something we glossContinue reading “Are You Eating Too Much Sodium?”

Reasons Women Should Eat More Fiber

Most people don’t get nearly the amount of fiber their bodies need. Fiber is one of those things that most people don’t normally think about in their every day lives. The CDC recommends that women get about 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 consumed calories, which adds up to about 26 grams of fiberContinue reading “Reasons Women Should Eat More Fiber”