How to Jump Back Into a Sport After an Injury

Getting back into a sport after an injury can be a huge mental hurdle. Any athlete will tell you that injuries are almost impossible to prevent. If you are very into sports, chances are at one point or another you will get an injury, from something as small as a sprained ankle to something moreContinue reading “How to Jump Back Into a Sport After an Injury”

Five Foods to Boost Collagen Production Naturally

Collagen is the key ingredient to youthful looking skin. It should come as a shock to no one that we live in a society obsessed with youth. The entire beauty industry is based on our desire to look younger, and people will go to extreme lengths to maintain and their youthful good looks. Collagen isContinue reading “Five Foods to Boost Collagen Production Naturally”

Should You Become a Plant Parent?

Taking care of plants has been shown to have positive effects on your mental state. If you’re like me, you coped with the past two years of pandemic by seeking out as many self-care strategies as possible. One of the ways many people practiced self-care during this time was by becoming plant parents. As anContinue reading “Should You Become a Plant Parent?”

An ÖTILLÖ Swimrun 2021 Recap

The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun is a different kind of marathon. By now you probably know this about me, but when it comes to sports, I like to try out all kinds of different things. The ÖtillÖ (island-to-island) Swimrun is a marathon that originated in Sweden. For a full breakdown of what it is, read this. SufficeContinue reading “An ÖTILLÖ Swimrun 2021 Recap”

Five Foods to Help You Recover from a Sports Injury

The food you eat can help speed up recovery time. When you’re a lifelong athlete, it’s almost an expectation that at some point you will have to deal with an injury. Sports injuries are part of the package when you are constantly pushing your body to the limit and trying to maintain your physical fitness.Continue reading “Five Foods to Help You Recover from a Sports Injury”

7 Things You Should Know About the Mu Variant

The new Covid-19 variant Mu is called a ‘variant of interest’. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently announced a new Covid-19 variant. This is to be expected, as the viruses tend to come with variants. We have already heard of the Delta variant, and luckily vaccinated people have thus far been able to fightContinue reading “7 Things You Should Know About the Mu Variant”

How to Snap Yourself Out of a Mental Funk

You must be mindful of your mental health. The past five years or so have been a real test for the mental health of all Americans. Between the stress of politics and the pandemic, depression rates have skyrocketed, and mental health has come to the forefront in terms of the public discussion of overall wellness.Continue reading “How to Snap Yourself Out of a Mental Funk”

Four Reasons to Drink More Coconut Water

Coconut water is basically a miracle drink. As an athlete, I can’t possibly stress to you how important it is to stay hydrated. There are many ways to go about this, from sports drinks to hydrating foods, but my all-time favorite tool for hydration is coconut water. Coconut water really became popular in the pastContinue reading “Four Reasons to Drink More Coconut Water”

Three Signs You May Have Had Covid-19

One of the most confusing things about Covid-19 is figuring out if you have already had it. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of confusion in this country and around the world. Not only is our response to this disease a little scattered and inconsistent, but the political ramifications of the vaccine rollout, andContinue reading “Three Signs You May Have Had Covid-19”

Five All-Natural Treatments for Sunburn

Sunburn is an unfortunate side effect of summer. In case you couldn’t tell by the pizza oven-like temperatures across America, it’s summer. I’ll be the first to say that this summer was a weird one. After spending last summer locked up in our homes, we were all ready to get outdoors, hit the beach, andContinue reading “Five All-Natural Treatments for Sunburn”